Ranks For our troops

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Ranks For our troops Empty Ranks For our troops

Post  -{MaS}-SpiderMan{Ldr} on Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:26 am

Ok im going to list our ranks from best to buttom:

{Ldr} = Leader (lol)

{AS} = All Star, This is the highist rank you can ever get! do your very best and one day you may be one of our most Honered Troops!

{S} Star = One of the most skilled of our army these Troops are Some of the best of the very best!

{A} Avenger = This Trooper has amazing skill and is one of the best of our Troops

{B} Brigadier = This Trooper is strong, brave, and if need be will run head first into the worst of combat

{C} Crusader = These Troops Follow thire orders To the very end, and do so with honer!

{D} Deltas = Like Delta squad these Troops are skilled in combat

{F} Freelancer = These Troops are on the pay-role of the -{MaS}- beings that we pay them the best They offer thire skills for our own use

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